Food for Thought: Daily Meditations for Overeaters App Reviews

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I look forward to reading this everyday!!

Food For thought

Great book, had it in paper back but love these daily readers that I can download on my I pad.


Handy especially for shaky food moments when out & about.

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Daily meditation for compulsive overeaters I am reading daily it works

Love This!

This is my very favorite of all my daily readings on the subject of compulsive eating!

Love it!

I love reading my meditations every morning <3

Great App

Right on target- the meditations give strength and encouragement through the truth they speak!!

We must... Never Forget

Our resentment is our #1. offender. But our greatest ENEMY is we forget. I need to take action to remind me of who and what I am. My daily bread. Yesterdays bread wont feed me today.

Great supplement for my food addiction

Great reading! Reminds me every day "Its about the food until its not about the food". Helps keep my food addiction at bay one day at a time!!

Love it!

Very useful, read it every morning after breakfast. A daily reminder of my problem and the solution.

Love this book!

My favorite!

My Lifeline.

Great app and the messaging I need. Its among my few must-haves. Thanks, Hazeldon.

The best!

Great way to start the day. Gives quick & powerful guidance.


Wonderful app! Perfect for starting my day mindfully.


Great on-the-run check in with my program. :)


This daily information/inspiration is a great help in staying focused on abstinence.

Love it!

Start my day with this and it helps keep me on track!


Each morning I turn to Food for Thought to start my day. It reminds me why Im trying to keep my disease in check. Also, God is doing for me what I cannot do for myself!


I so appreciate the daily meditations that help me stay focused on the truth! Excellent resource for anyone who uses food for anything more than it was intended to be. Highly recommend !

Love it!!!

I have read FOOD FOR THOUGHT since the early 1980s, now Im loving it even more on my smart phone app. I appreciate the thought provoking words of wisdom. I LOVE HAZELDEN LITERATURE!!!

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